Support and Attention

If you feel you’re meant to support people you will constantly be put in situations where you support others.  I think that eventually we start noticing it and get in the mindset of asking ourselves: “Well what about me? I know I’m meant to support others but why can’t I get the attention for once? Why can’t I be in the spotlight?” and so we want it more and more. I guess you could say sometimes it makes us bitter, and then we lose track of our paths by thinking we’ll prove them wrong and that we are worth something. Sometimes we do prove them wrong but don’t feel satisfied, or we’re told we need to support others so that we work that much harder for ourselves. Who knows, but I do know that whatever you do in your life you will always be the center of attention for your angels, and guides and other loving people. It isn’t that you don’t deserve attention, but you’re just receiving support in different ways. We have to remind ourselves as helpers that just because we’re supporting others, doesn’t mean that we aren’t being supported ourselves 🙂


Coincidence…I think not.

My friend Melissa and I have been trying to get together to see the Despicable Me movie for some time now, but we hadn’t been able to go until yesterday.  She even messaged me that day to say she had a headache and didn’t know if she wanted to go. I told her to wait it out and see how she felt later. She felt better later but by then we’d missed the 5:00 showing that we planned on going to, so we decided we were going to try and go to the 7:00 showing instead.

We got to the mall and bought our tickets but the stub said it started at 7:30 not 7:00 like the moviephone website informed us. We had a whole half an hour to roam around the mall so I said I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble. Melissa didn’t seem too thrilled about it but I told her I wanted to look at some spiritual books. I figured I could use this time to look up on past life regression. So we agreed and headed down to the book store. When we got to the new age isle, I reached into my purse to grab my pen and couldn’t find it. I always have a pen! I’m a writer for gosh sake Lol. So I asked Melissa if she had one because I wanted to write down any books that looked interesting. She couldn’t find one either, so I went up to the guest services counter to ask for a pen.

I stood behind a woman in line when I overheard her asking the employee if they had any wiccan/celtic based spiritual books. The employee searched but didn’t seem to be able to grasp the kind of book she was looking for so instead she just rambled off some celtic titles. Another employee came by and I asked for a pen but I stood there for another couple of seconds before requesting that she check out the new age section. I told her of a few titles called celtic magic and the era of wicca, she was happy because those were the kinds of books she was looking for. Both employees were a bit taken back and laughed saying I should work there. Taking this as a possible sign of employment, I asked for an application and told the woman I could show her were the section was since I was heading that way anyway.

She was very happy that she had someone to talk to regarding her faith and her situation. She was visiting from California to see her oldest daughter of 5 children who was a born again christian, so she said her daughter wouldn’t understand. Her youngest daughter understood and even wanted to practice the lifestyle with her, but she had no idea where to start or what to read up on first. She knew she wanted a book of Celtic lore and history, but I knew that those kinds of books would probably be in another section but we tried looking anyway. She told me that her and her daughter were both able to see spirits and that they weren’t sure how to go about it. I explained that starting at the basics was her best option right now because she had to understand where her gifts came from in order to understand how to work with it. I gave her the title of a book on spirit guides that she could order online since they didn’t have it in the store, and suggested a book called Spiritual Growth for her and her daughter to read and practice together until the other book arrived. She said she was going to a temple later that night so she was really excited. I said that her and I were meant to meet, even if it was just to get her started on her spiritual path. The fact that she even recognized another power other than herself showed a lot about her character and her spiritual growth. Many people don’t even get that far.

We exchanged contact information and I told her about my spiritual forum “The Gardens of Light”, I said I would send her an e-mail with the link when I got home later. I did send it to her last night and I’m really excited to see if she joins!

Welcome her with open arms and know she is meant to be here, as are all of you. If you know about this site, reading my blogs, or you are looking for spiritual guidance then you are one step above the rest in becoming your higher selves.

Love, Light, and Peace be with you.
-The Gypsy Teacher

Dream Entry #4

I just love how I get numerous dreams in a sequence that don’t make sense.  Interpreting them takes about an hour and it’s frustrating.  Thank god I was given a few repeating symbols lol

Have a look!~

The earliest dream I remember is a scene where Edward (from Twilight- and no I’m not a fan of the series) is standing with me  on the roof of a house, when he tells me to go inside so I can be safe.  Vampires and werewolves were starting a battle but then a giant vampire bat hybrid man thing starts in on the fight too. .. I keep thinking this was a werebat…lol

The next dream in this sequence jumped to a dire bear roaming the forest.  I got the distinct feeling that he thought that he was in control of the forest, or at least that area anyway.  The Dire Wolves weren’t a match for the bear because of his size and strength but you could see them off in the distance running around.  Finally a Mother Wolf comes out from above the trees (yes, she is bigger than the trees) and starts destroying the bear.  Throwing it around, beating it up, and at this point the Dire Bear is terrified.  I felt so badly for the Dire Bear here because I can see his face, the feel the fear and anguish in his face.  He’s in so much pain as he’s being tossed around and suddenly the Mother Wolf takes the Dire Bear’s skull in her paw and crushes him.  Finally he is dead and you can hear silence in the forest, and everything is peaceful again.
Following this event, you see a small group of people putting a stake in the ground where the Bear had fallen many, many years ago.  Going up to the group I ask what they are doing and one of them says “She is meant to start something important in the new world.”  They run back down a path and head back towards their bunker.  Later that night they wake up because they have plans to escape from the bunker, which has been an extremely closed off place for years.  Security is very tight and won’t let anyone leave.  They grab their bags and all start heading out the door but when the one girl (who is supposedly the important one) heads out the door she can’t find the other members of her group.  She has to make a decision quickly before anyone knows she’s awake, so she runs to one set of glass doors knowing that it’s a long shot and is  spotted.  Security follows her in pursuit while shooting at her.  They would rather her be dead than escape the bunker.  You see a middle aged woman telling a younger man to go one way while she tries another to block her off.  When they finally get her cornered in a mirrored room, the other members of her group come out and grabbed a hold on the younger man.  The woman screams and asks them to please not harm him, one of the group members screams that she’ll break his neck (oddly here I contemplate how they are able to make the sound effect for twisting spines in cinema..)  She tells the group that they only used blanks in their guns until the last 3 or 4 slots which were actual bullets.  The girl who was being chased looks down and sees gun powder residue on her shirt where they had been shooting.  Again she pleads with them not to hurt him because she is his mother (though she says this with nervousness and it seemed like the way she was saying it, meant that no one else knew about it.)

There was a new exhibit featuring dolphins, and they introduced a shark to the tank thinking it would be a good co-inhabitant program to see how they interact.  Of course, the shark attacked one of the dolphins while guests were viewing and you can see blood rising up in the water.  This kind of thing is to be expected when you put a shark in a tank full of dolphins.  Honestly I keep thinking that the shark attacked something other than a dolphin but I can’t remember what it was.

There was a party, and attending it was Miranda (from Sex in the City) and Borris (from Royal Pains)
The party was being hosted at Borris’s house and everyone was in the backyard outside by the pool  Miranda was very interested in Borris so she pretended to faint in the pool while they were finishing up a game.  Everyone had almost gotten out of the pool by then and when Borris looked back to see her, I could feel the distaste and disinterest in her.  Miranda got out of the pool and her friend said “oh my gosh Miranda, your armpits!” apparently Miranda hadn’t shaved and it was pretty bad. lol  She held her arms together and hoped that no one had heard her friend.

In the next scene Miranda is walking along the outer edge of the pool carrying two tampons in her hand.  Suddenly she becomes faint and her vision starts to blur and fade.  She faints and falls into the pool.  Borris quickly runs in after her and drags her out.

There is an extra feeling of Deja Vu because I feel this either happened more than once, or this is the alternative version.

I don’t know what Hank (the main character, and doctor from Royal Pains) had said to Borris but as Miranda was falling into the pool once again, Borris says to Hank “apparently not.” as he notices Miranda and jumps in after her.  He does this weird flip thing underwater and it’s kind of like a barrel roll, where he pulls her up while he’s underwater.  It’s quicker apparently.  They drag her up there but (like in the show, he has a disease the causes muscle failure) his hand starts freezing up and he becomes immobile in the water.

After this you see the dream from a paparazzi point of view, Miranda is walking out of Borris’s house and everyone speculates that it’s a one night stand or some kind of secret relationship.  Miranda walks over to two of his security guards and notices that they are limp in the seats of their car.  Their eyes are open and both appear to have been shot in the chest.  When she goes over to check on them one of the security guards is alive and says he can’t move.  Here I think it was injection wound rather than a bullet wound.  But the holes in their chests are too big to be injection wounds.

I remember there being a crisis at the end of the dream, there had been a break out of some kind of infection and it was killing people almost instantaneously.  A woman and her daughter were lying in a makeshift quarantine and members of the quarantine staff are dropping dead because of the infection meanwhile staff/doctors are working on the daughter who is having difficulty breathing, (I felt throat tension during this part of the dream) while her mother screams for her.  I thought this was odd because in the dream I remember the daughter being the survivor, not the mom.  (how I knew the daughter lived was because I saw her briefly after the quarantine was over, at the beginning of the dream.)
Then I woke up.

Dream Entry #3

We were intensively training with other members of this group, who were learning the discipline of the military. In the beginning the scene looked like it was from the 50’s. It showed defense techniques we were meant to use against men and we were training with former military men to learn. I remember that I was really into what we were doing and I was squeezing the arm of my partner really hard. I apologized for it when I noticed it but he laughed and said it was an extremely good thing to be so passionate about wanting to learn. (He was very cute and had tattoos on his arms. I think I had a crush on him while we were training)
Anyway, as we were standing in line to get ready to get on the bus when someone asked how much it cost to be in this program. I told them that I had no idea because I was using my food stamps to pay for the classes, but my instructor said that it was pretty expensive..around $500-$600. I was only slightly surprised because I didn’t know it costed that much, but I wasn’t really paying for it either. Two of the girls in line and I were talking and asked me if I had ever done this before. I told them I had also taken Army and Navy training- but in real life I haven’t. (we were doing marine training I guess) then it felt like they thought I already knew what I was doing in the classes. I keep getting the word ‘inspired’ so maybe they were inspired by my strength and capability?

Anyway, we got on the bus which actually turned out to be a van, and I was sitting beside a woman while three other women were chucking and laughing at me from the seat behind me. They didn’t like me it seemed, but I just ignored this until we got to a school.
There we were supposed to be doing a play for the entire student body. A younger girl portrayed by the young female vampire Bree from the movie Twilight came running up to me and she was crying because someone had told her that she was going to die. We hadn’t heard about this until now but apparently the play had caused controversy and there were rumors of an assassination attempt. I picked her up to calm her down and carried her with me because I had to use the restroom. She was still sobbing very hard. As we were walking down the hallway I noticed that the crosses on the doors of the classrooms looked weird. Not evil, just weird. Like they weren’t really crosses.
We got to the bathroom finally and I told her to go stand by the corner of the bathroom counter sink and wait for me. She did and I went into the stall before I woke up.

A New Forum

Back in 2008 my friend Jessy and I created a forum called “Gardens of Light” and it was meant to be a place for true and inspirational spiritual development.  It is my hope that when it attracts more people and becomes more popular, that you will find the information and support that you need there with us.   I’m very much looking forward to welcoming you as a part of our community!

Love & Light to you, always.

-The Gypsy Teacher

A Personal View…

I originally posted this blog entry on May 18th, 2010 on another blog site I no longer use, but I thought it would prove helpful here.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to post it in my dreams section, or my personal section but I think it will be best utilized here in the new age/spiritualism section instead.

My friend tried to kill herself yesterday and I spent all day today wondering why I couldn’t bring myself to feel anything other than disappointment towards her for her selfish act.  Thankfully she survived but just a year earlier I lost my friend Brian in the same heart wrenching way and he wasn’t as fortunate.  Not that I didn’t understand her thought process or her feelings for thinking that ‘not being here would be better’ I’ve been down on life too, but my point in this message isn’t about that.

When I woke up tonight about a quarter after eleven a connection to the other side opened up and divulged through it was a message I hadn’t considered.  While in a trance my eyes were open but I was listening to information that I know came from a higher power.  My spirit guides or angels were talking to me in my trance.  While in this trance I saw two men standing face to face.  They shook hands and then one of the men disappeared.  Though he was gone I could still see his energy while it throbbed on the hand of the other man who was still standing there.  It looked like thick clear steam was emanating from where they had touched.
The voice spoke again and it told me that everyone is connected, and that when we die; though our bodies aren’t here anymore, our energy remains in the people we meet.  This energy effects everyone and the deeper a connection we have with specific people, the more energy of that person we have surrounding us.

Think of a loved one that is very close to you.  If that person died then you would feel like you died as well.  After their death you may feel alone.  The narrator also told me that this energy is always changing because in a way we are made of emotion.  Our thoughts and our actions are our humanity, and it is how we react to this energy that makes us human.  Those are our choices though the energy is uniquely the same, our reactions make us who we are.  The narrator also made it a point to tell me that “It isn’t who you are or what you do, but it’s what you are to who.”  I felt relieved.  A year ago when Brian died I felt so guilty for his passing and in the year since I chose to not let the energy of love that Brian had for me into my heart because I felt I hadn’t done enough for him to make him want to stay.  When I was shown that his energy was still around I let it in and I felt considerably better about his passing.  He still loved me even though he wasn’t here.  His energy was still there but for an entire year I denied the positive energy from finding me because I was so focused on the worst part his passing, the memory of his depression and his anger that lead him to his eventual death.  I will never forget the information I was given and I hope that somehow this message finds you.

Thank you so much for reading what I’ve written.

Love & Light to you, always.

-The Gypsy Teacher

Tarot Spreads

My friend asked me a long time ago to post a blog about the tarot spreads that I use.  With me finally feeling well and motivated enough, I’ve decided to do one now.  There are links to images with every spread summary so copy and paste them into new browser tabs to view them if you need to.

There are many spreads that you can use while first starting out.  One of the most popular being the Three Card Spread.

“Three card spread”

consists of cutting your deck in three small piles, setting each pile side by side in a row.  The first card pile represents your past, the second card pile represents your present, and the third card pile represents your future.  Though as you get more experienced you will learn that your cards will tell you much more than those three things.

“The Star Spread

This spread Consists of seven small piles.  Place 6 piles around in a circle (three on top and three on bottom) with one final pile in the middle.  Each card will go through your emotions and the emotions of others if they are involved, until you get to the middle card which is your outcome card.  You will need to read them from left to right, starting with the furthest left card on the bottom, until you’ve read around the circle.  Then you can read the middle card after all of the outer cards have been read.

“The Footprint Spread”

**This spread takes considerable energy so please practice proper protection and grounding before using.**

You will be using 15 cards for this spread.  Think of this spread as a reversed pyramid.  After you finish shuffling your cards  you’ll spread 5 in a row, followed by 4 below it and then 3, and 2, and finally 1 last card at the bottom which will be your outcome card.  It’s hard to really get a sense of what each row will mean for you because most if not almost all of the cards will interact with each other to tell you what you need to know.  I recommend that only advanced readers use this spread, because it can be confusing for beginners who may not know what I’m talking about.

will update soon…

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